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Ganzhou Yanchuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2010, is a leading domestic supplier of Electroceramics components and materials, providing solutions based on self-developed materials and independent design. For over 10 years, we have been committed to the research and application of LTCC (low-temperature co fired ceramics), HTCC (high-temperature co fired ceramics), magnetic materials, and high thermal conductivity materials.

Application Center

Research and create the advantages of four major enterprises

Original factory production and quality assurance


  • Since 2010, the company has focused on LTCC process R&D and production
  • The technology has been deposited for more than 10 years in the core of pulping, casting and printing
  • Co firing technology is mature and leading.
  • 10Year+R&D and production


  • With University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, subordinate research institutes of CETC, etc
  • A number of domestic scientific research institutions have cooperated closely to jointly carry out scientific research,
  • Focus on the development and upgrading of LTCC products.
  • 12YearAbove old brands
  • 100%Original shipment

Cost advantageCost advantage

  • It has a core independent material system,
  • The material systems are diverse, including alumina, glass and ferrite ceramics,
  • Break the "choke" monopoly of well-known foreign companies, and provide cost advantages for the complete localization of devices.

Professional team has no worries about after-sales Professional team has no worries about after-sales

  • Our company team is not only the industry leader in technology,Pay more attention to customer service. Most of the sales team members have materials,Technical experience in the electronic and physical fields, so we can accurately understand their needs in the communication with customers.
  • 7*24HOnline Service
  • 360DayCareful service

Focus on research and innovation

Transfer industry information and master value information

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